Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last night we rung in the new year with the typical crowd of friends. I took a moment to look around the room and I relished in the realization of how fortunate we are. 2010 was a challenging year for a lot of reasons. I feel I am growing into the sandwich generation and all of the pressures and responsibilities that implies. I almost lost my father. We continued to mourn the loss of David's brother, each year in a new and different way. We suffered through the current economy like everyone else. In the midst of all of that, we experienced incredible joy--the birth of our third baby who has brought out a renewed tenderness in all of us, my father's miraculous recovery, the blessing of job stability, a re-energized faith in God and a matured relationship with Him, and the usual realization of the friends who are family to us and all of the happiness that brings. Life is hard. Life is joyous. A whirlwind of emotions and trials and triumphs. That's what keeps us going. That's what makes us blessed. Now, capture that and remember it when you need to. Love is the bottom line. It makes us vulnerable but it also makes us whole. Pretty deep thoughts the morning after New Year's Eve! Happy New Year and enjoy 2011!

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